Best private bank in Belgium

UBKBC Private Banking’s strategy is built on three main pillars: a solution-based holistic approach to relationship management; a combination of digital interaction and human contact; and a focus on sustainable and profitable growth. In 2020, KBC launched ‘Iris’, a new smart advisory engine which screens portfolios held by KBC Private ; Wealth clients on a daily basis. “The engine performs a fine-grained scrutiny of each portfolio based on more than a hundred underlying risk and return factors, and formulates personal proactive advice that is MiFID-compliant. This helped us to grow in terms of additional business,” explains Achille Boeyé, marketing manager at KBC Private Banking. “Our tradition of building long-standing relationships with our customers helped us to maintain customer confidence in a turbulent investor market.” KBC Mobile, the bank’s all-in-one digital platform, has remained at the cutting edge of digital innovation. During 2020, the platform was strengthened with the introduction of new data-driven solutions, ranging from health-related tools, to the ‘My Real Estate’ dashboard which can instantly value any property in Belgium. But perhaps the most talked about digital innovation was the introduction of ‘Kate’, a personal digital assistant, similar to the likes of Siri or Google Assistant, which uses AI and data to provide clients with the information and solutions they need, in both a reactive and proactive manner.

Another development was the launch of the ‘Matti’ exchange traded fund (ETF) platform, where clients receive ‘robo assistance’ to build a portfolio of selected ETFs based on their individual preferences. In order to cater for the younger generations, KBC has also introduced its Next Gen service which allows clients’ children to access a number of benefits including preferential rates on home loans and a free KBC Silver credit card, among others. PG