Best private bank for education and training of private bankers

Banco do Brasil’s private banking operation BB Private, which has been operating in the country’s private banking market for 17 years, has continued to improve the education and training of staff in recent years. “We believe that investing in the training of private professionals is the key to offering quality and complete financial/banking advice,” says João Carlos de Nóbrega Pecego, vice president, wholesale business at Banco do Brasil. “It is important to customise training initiatives according to the seniority level of the professionals and specificities of the market in which they operate,” he says. “For this reason, in addition to the general training common to all bankers, we offer courses according to the specific needs of the employee and the profile of the clients they serve. In this sense, there is a certain differentiation between training for bankers who work with megaproducers versus investors, for example,” adds Mr Pecego. In 2021, for all BB Private bankers, the in-company MBA programme developed in partnership with FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas, one of the most renowned educational institutions in Brazil – was continued and extended to a larger contingent of employees. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the bank carried out a variety of training courses aimed at technical improvement, emotional health and customer relationships in times of social isolation. “During this period, we reinforced the process of education and training of bankers, investing in several live events,” says Mr Pecego. LH